What is Surveillance?

Surveillance is all about gaining information for yourself, for another or about another. This is usually when the most important detail that clients need are missing in information. To gain that information, surveillance is needed. When it comes to obtaining information, we will need basic information such as name of person, place or event where we can start to gather information through various surveillance methods that we use.

During surveillance, we watch the movements and actions of individuals and question ourselves on who they are meeting, what they might be saying, where they are going and what they are doing. We follow, observe someone and successfully gather information, document, contact or whereabouts that is required.

We work closely with the clients to combine their knowledge bases and this will allow us to provide clients the opportunity to get the information that they would be otherwise be unaware of without surveillance.

Our List of Services include:

General Surveillance
Using the latest equipment and technology, coupled with our experienced background, hidden evidence is discreetly collected, undetected by our subjects. Detailed reports will be generated and furnished to our clients upon completion of each surveillance.

Matrimonial or Spouse Investigation
We help our clients gather the evidence needed so that they are not kept in the dark. The focus of the investigation will be on finding out whether a spouse or partner is cheating by finding evidence of cheating that could lead to a legal divorce. Individuals who are seeking matrimonial investigation services have usually already decided on the topic of divorce but are unsure of how to proceed on such a course of action. The duration of the investigation depends on the nature of the case and can take up to one week to several months.

Pre-marital Background Check
The background check ensures spouse suitability is verified prior to legal marriage.

Legal Investigation
We assist law firms to track down and maintain surveillance on individuals who are hard to find, gather evidence in support of commercial litigation, and in support of civil litigation.

Commercial Investigation
Business reputation and employee integrity are key factors in the success of a company. There are possibilities of misappropriation, mismanagement, and misconduct of all sorts in today’s business dealings. The extensive of our investigation is to uncover the facts and present these truths by identifying the signs of fraud in a timely and discreet manner.

Insurance Investigation
We assist with investigation for personal injury, car accidents, workplace and/or construction site accidents.

We provide many more other types of investigation services other than those listed above.

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