We understand you and believe in doing our best to help provide the information you need 

There are many situations in your daily life when you think of hiring a private investigator to collect information about a particular person, company or matter. We believe in providing you with the truth about a specific person, group of people, organization or subject as per your requirements and needs.

Mr. Sritharan @ Michael, Director (Founder) and Chief Private Investigator

Mr. Sri has more than 15 years of experience in Private Investigation and Management of Operations. Throughout his years of experience, he has worked on and overseen many different kind of cases which achieved and met the client’s requirements. In turn, allowing him to be able to manage his own team to coordinate and achieve optimum results during his point of work.

With the support of his family, he has also travelled to other countries, when required by clients, on multiple occasions to conduct surveillance overseas.

With his expertise and knowledge in investigation work, he has led his team to work not only with clients seeking help but also with companies and lawyers for corporate jobs which includes preparing evidence and full written reports to be submitted in court. If need be, he has also stand in as a witness for court proceedings.

Mr. Surinderpal Singh, Director and Senior Investigator

Mr. Surin is an ex-police officer from the Singapore Police Force who has close to 10 years’ experience in investigation work during his 17 years of service.

With his dedication and specialty in investigation field work, he worked and investigated many high profile cases that appeared in the newspapers during his time in the force.

He comes with a vast knowledge in investigation work, as well as gathering and preserving of evidence.